Egypt Retreat with Master

03.01.2022 - 24.11.2021


* Joy and pleasure * Celebration of life * Service on global level * Cosmic purpose * Three weeks of direct contact with the source

/ Flight to Cairo – flight Cairo to Aswan /
/ Aswan 3.01–11.01. – Nubian island Elephantine – Temple Philae – Temple of Isis – Koombo and Edfu
/ Luxor 11.01–18.01 – Abidos, Temple of Hatshepsut, Temple of Hathor, Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens, Carnac temple,

Luxor to GIZA – Hermopolis
/ Giza 18.01–24.01. – Sakkara, Memhis

The journey is very strong and demanding. It is not an all inclusive sightseeing holiday. We are going to experience the beauty of Egypt from a totally different perspective.

Every day is going to be a unique and universal experience, upgraded according to your level of openness. Everyone will get their own challenge.

Maybe you will work on yourself and do the purification and healing, maybe you will work for others and for cosmic purpose. The group will be small and colorful.

Egypt is a land of joy and its chakra is the solar plexus. We are going to work on solar plexus intensively and through that we will gain spiritual light of solar plexus. We will be acquainted with the new way of work on a global level. We will create a flow, dance between work and pleasure – joy. When we say work we mean prayers, meditations, opening of the portals, opening chakras, self observing, receiving the guidance …

We will experience joy through meeting local people and communities, cruising on river Nile, one of the strongest rivers on the earth, and visiting bazaars …

There will be plenty of time for relaxation, yoga, swimming and exploring whatever you want to explore.

Egypt is directly supporting the physical body and so it supports shedding of the ego and with this it opens the spiritual heart. This is a very important essence. Without a spiritual heart activated, one will always just take the path of karma.

We will practice devotion and gratitude. We will meet the masters Thoth and Hathor and many more.

We will at all times have our own local guide who will take care of our journey’s needs.

We will experience various levels of accommodation from very luxurious hotels with pools to small local hidden gems that bring a sense of unpredictability and adventure to it.

We are looking for devoted, stable personalities who are able to surrender to guidance, with a high level of responsibility, with much love for humankind and mother earth. The ones that are interested and able to support healing on a global level. If this is you, you are welcome aboard.

We are not going to practice illusionary new age mumbo jumbo. This journey will be guided by a true master and this is serious work.

Inner work and service on global level with a lot of joy and celebration.

We will work on portals, energy centres – chakras and the nervous system of Earth and special created healing places. We start with opening the path from the backbone of the human body, place of new birth, and continue work through all our energy centres and finish work with the crown chakra, opening of Golden path. We will work on purification and awakening of Kundalini and Shakti – Path of female spiritual purpose. Also through special portals we will do work on balancing Opposites – path of dualism, by practice of finding Perfect Three in One. We will connect with our and global level higher and lower self, overcome fear and negativity of ego and activate Spiritual heart – consciousness of heart.

Through all this path we will learn how to participate in the Service on Global level – Cosmic purpose, serving Mother Earth and Humanity with our own qualities in one new way. Joy and celebration is the path of change.

If you are interested in this experience contact us and we will conduct an interview to establish if you are suitable for this journey. If you consider bringing your children along, you are wellcome to do so.
The price for full retreat program, all hotels with breakfast, all the bus transportations through Egypt and all the entrance fees is € 2200.
The price does not include flight tickets and taxi drives. You will come to Aswan on your own accord. Please have about € 300 ready for the local expenses. We will also practice donations to local children and communities.
Reservation of your spot takes € 1000 by the end of november. You will get the payment details and interview date upon registration.
Register at:
The journey will be guided by Božena Stojanović – living master. Meeting and working with Božena is a very unique experience. Instant heart opening, a lot of joy and laughter. It is truly difficult to put it in words simply because the experience is beyond vocabulary.

Lili is a renowned bodywork, yoga and dearmouring practitioner and workshop facilitator from Ljubljana. She will be in the role of Boženas assistant, holding the group dynamics. They are connected through female energy and deep admiration of following one’s life purpose.

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