Turkey – The Path of Mystics 20 October – 3 November

20.10.2022 - 03.11.2022

We are a mystery, a secret even to ourselves.

While visiting Mesopotamia – the land of ancient civilization, we meet our past and from this past, we can know our future with certainty.

In the Now, the present moment, the past, and the future are united, and the Truth is revealed; not your or mine, but the absolute Truth. From Now we get to experience our eternal and infinite existence.

Traveling to Turkey and connecting with old civilizations like Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittites, and even much older civilizations than these, we open our minds to understanding and feeling ourselves on a deeper level. Connection with the pure energy of the places and portals of energy open many questions, at the same time, answers and clarity may come.

Contact is the key to every mystery. There was knowledge and knowledge was passed on. Not a single step was taken without knowledge, sacred knowledge.

Contact is the key to this sacred knowledge.

Turkey is a country that is rich in spirituality and energy. It is and has been, popular for those who search for truth, travelers, archaeologists, explorers, and scientists. The path we’ll travel is the path of old apostles, alchemists, and prophets. Contact with Secret knowledge that supports our own path and purpose in life. Every one of us is unique with our gifts and talents. And undoubtedly we can serve, like our ancestors from ancient times, for and for global Purposes to create harmony on this planet and support cosmic order.

Our journey will start on the 20th in Konya – City of Love. Portal of Devotion, where we will visit the house of Rumi, a Sufi. We will observe the Dervish sacred dance and will be guided to open a path of devotion to the Source.

The next sight is the Kingdom of Female creativity and Shakti power. At this location we will work – we will be guided in opening the portal of Shakti energy.

At these and at all following locations, we will also have time for our own inner work and Global Purpose.

Then we’ll travel to Hattusa, the imperial city of the Hittites kingdom, located near Boğazkale. There we will connect and work with the ancient document of energy on the physical and etheric levels of the Hittites kingdom. It is interesting that the energy of the documents and the kingdom is still there, and that this energy can support our own path.

Next up we will enjoy a stay in the luxury caves of Cappadocia, which is famous for fairy chimneys, cone-shaped rocks, and underground cities. Here we will stay for 3 to 4 days.

At the end of our journey, we will visit Sanliurfa, the most magical and mystical place. A place of alchemists and prophets. We will connect with some deep work through ritual and listening. Here we will give our own energy and talents, the best of ourselves, to connect with ancient knowledge thru Rituals, listening, and feeling vibrations of the energy of the ancient mystical school of Prophets and Alchemists who served the path of truth.

We will do a small service for the benefit of children at the place where the underground temples are connected with the Sphinx in Egypt. Service in every moment for everyone in need is important to us. To have an open heart in giving and sharing, with joy!

Men of time before the Great Flood left to us their knowledge and in Sanliurfa, Göbekli Tepe, (and around most old archaeological places,) Euphrates and Tigris, Temple of 7 planets, magnetic stones, and secret monuments of the Sabians we will be for to feel, see and offer our small work for something great created in our past for us.

The Infinite nature of mind, vastness, and opening of our own possibility to serve will be the main themes during the whole journey. We are asking you to be spontaneous and follow your free will and express your gifts. The most important one is joy in sharing and openness to be spontaneous. We are traveling by bus, with the farthest places being around a 5-hour ride. We will certainly have many stops and visit new places that are not planned!

A Programmed mind cannot be open to mysticism. If someone wishes to rest in a hotel, do something of his own will, or desires not to be part of some rituals, this is allowed and supported. Free will, unity, and respect for everyone’s free space are what we are asking from all participants.

The journey will take 14 days; from the 20th of October to the 3rd of November 2022.

The journey will be guided and supported by Božena Stojanović

– Living master Božena, who has more than 25 years of experience guiding people and traveling to sacred places, and doing a global service exploring ancient documents. Bozena is truly unique by her gifts and talents and has access to different dimensions, seeing, hearing, knowing things. Her work leads to soul-purpose and liberation. Meeting and working with Božena is an Instant heart-opening, a lot of joy and laughter. It is truly difficult to put it in words simply because the experience is beyond vocabulary.

-Lili is a renowned bodywork, yoga practitioner, and workshop facilitator from Slovenia, with more than 15 years of experience. She will be in the role of Boženas assistant, holding the group dynamics. They are connected through female energy and deep admiration of following one’s life purpose.
For the price of the journey, please contact us on email:

Included in the price:

– complete guidance and all teachings under the supervision of Master Božena
– all entrees and boat tickets for a ride on Euphrat or Tigris River.
– accommodation in two-bed rooms with breakfast. For staying in a one-bedroom there is an additional fee of € 395.
– transport during the whole journey in Turkey
-staying in high rated rooms, apartments and caves
– insurance for the bus.

Not included in the price:

– flight tickets and other transportation to come to Konya.
– transportation home from Sanliurfa
– food (except breakfast, which is included)

If you are looking for flight tickets, you are looking for a flight to arrive at Konya. For the way back you are looking to depart from Sanliurfa.

We will take this journey with a rather small group and therefore would like you to confirm as soon as possible.

If you feel a call to join us, please, do not hesitate to contact us about anything you’d like to know about this journey. It will take some courage and an open mind to join this small group of unique people, with whom you will be also building strong connection for a life time. Maybe you allready set agenda for your future, but lets open the space that programed mind will always disconect you from your true gifts.

Before we leave, we will have a zoom call to see you all, explain to you about this wonderful journey, and answer questions that come up.

Bozena Stojanovic: bozena0@net.hr

Lili Gavrilovic: liligavrilovic@gmail.com

Testimonial from our last journey:

“I felt somehow reacher to the inside when our journey with Božena and Lili was ending. The official calling was: Life changing journey and Only for strong people. My first thought was: that every journey could be life-changing. And yet, I’ve experienced another enlightenment.
Visiting highly potent/vibrant energy places and portals being guided by a master such as Božena turned the journey into an alchemical one. It made me turn into a vessel, the container.
Today, two months later, the effect of the journey is even stronger. The urge to manifest my life purpose is clearer than ever. Not easier, just more clearly. Traveling with Božena and Lili was like condensing life circumstances/experiences/ in a capsule. They were holding space for all those feelings, and emotions – strongly and gently at the same time.
And I experienced the whole palette – from joy, pain, power, struggle, love, and hate. The grace of transformation and rebirth. But what really stayed with me was a joy and gentle power.
This journey was the hardest and most precious investment in my personal growth. If before I felt somehow stuck, the unfolding is much faster now, and questions that we are all struggling with are getting answers.
I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for the answers or is having inner recklessness. I promise, if you surrender, you will find what you are looking for.”

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